The wonderful Whitey – a horse with heart!

The wonderful Whitey – a horse with heart!

Of all the animal stars of the Outback Pioneers experiences, there’s one that continues to fascinate guests and win their hearts. Whitey, the cremello stallion. So here, for all the Whitey fans and horse-lovers everywhere, is a little more about this very special horse.

Whitey has been Richard Kinnon’s horse since he was a foal. Richard worked with him from a very young age and the Whitey phenomenon is all built on the trust and communication that developed through a lot of time spent together.

“Sometimes he seems half human. He has so much understanding, and we have a bond,” Richard says.

Although Richard believes he can train Whitey to do anything, he often lets Whitey contribute in his own way playing the ‘naughty horse’ role in the Harry Redford Old Time Tent Show and enjoying his free gallop alongside the Cobb & Co stagecoach.

“It’s quite unusual with a stallion to be able to develop this sort of relationship,” Richard says. “I can whistle him to me even when he is with his mares in the paddock.”

Whitey’s natural curiosity has led him into all sorts of adventures. He is particularly interested in exploring inside buildings and has been known to get stuck when he can’t turn around! He also surprised all the shoppers and ran up quite a bill one day when he went into the IGA through the automatic doors and helped himself to fruit and vegetables!

At the moment Whitey has eight foals at Nogo, including a couple with his colouring. Richard will soon be working with them on their initial 3-4 week training program, which happens when they are weaned from their mothers.

Thinking back to when Whitey was that age, Richard says he was always a horse with obvious intelligence and independence.

“He used to be fascinated with butterflies and always wanted to check out what I was doing.”

Richard says Whitey gives him a lot and that spending time with Whitey is always a great antidote for stressful or challenging times.

Whitey is now eight years old and the bond between man and horse is just as strong.

“I often wonder what he is thinking,” Richard says. “And sometimes I think he can read my mind!”

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