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Outback Life

Our local outback pioneering heroes
In Longreach and the surrounding region, the pioneers lived a life shaped by hardship, resilience and ingenuity. When you come to Longreach for a holiday you will hear about some
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Yarded Merino sheep
How Australia was built on the sheep’s back
At one time, Longreach was known as the ‘Wool Capital of the World’ and ‘Centre of the Golden Fleece’. It’s still the ideal place to explore wool production and its
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‘Back on the old bush track’ by Trevor Till
The Kinnons and the Outback Pioneers crew were touched to receive this poem from Trevor Till, which captures his impressions of his time with us in Longreach. Trevor was moved
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Barbed wire rose wall art on timber clad wall
Unique accommodation that brings a pioneer vision to life
Longreach’s newest accommodation The Staging Post – is inspired by the town’s old way of life. It recalls a time when the stagecoach brought pioneers and stockmen, shearers and hawkers,
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Richard Kinnon standing with his Cremello horse at dawn
Richard Kinnon’s ANZAC Day message 2020
Remembering what matters. What we’re living through at the moment is a little bit like wartime in some ways. Many of us are apart from loved ones or separated from
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Thomson Princess and Thomson Belle boats
Which Thomson River sunset cruise to choose?
Most people who come to Longreach want to do the photogenic Thomson River sunset cruise. What many travellers don’t realise is that there are two different companies doing cruises and
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Cobb and Co winding across Longreach Common
10 fascinating facts of Cobb & Co stagecoach history
Cobb & Co stagecoaches ran in Queensland for almost 60 years between 1865 and 1924. The Outback Pioneers Cobb & Co Stagecoach Experience lets you experience what it was like
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Nogo Station homestead surrounded by barren, parched countryside
Tourism and wool – partners in survival at Nogo Station
To survive the outback has always taken resilience and adaptability. That has been truer than ever during the harshest drought in living memory, which has lasted five years from 2013.
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Arnos Wall, Winton
10 traditional outback reuse and recycle tips
Resources have always been scarce in the outback and pioneers were experts in creative ways to make-do, mend and reinvent. It still a mindset that comes naturally to us here.
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The wonderful Whitey banner
The wonderful Whitey – a horse with heart!
Of all the animal stars of the Outback Pioneers experiences, there’s one that continues to fascinate guests and win their hearts. Whitey, the cremello stallion.
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