Unleash your pioneering spirit

Become an Outback Pioneer where Australia’s story still lives

The Pioneering Spirit

It’s not just a destination. It’s a way of life.

Since the 1860s when the first white settlers made the long and often dangerous journey west to Longreach, this has been a land for those with a sense of adventure who wanted a big space to live large.

Like the Indigenous people before them, the early pioneers needed self-reliance, ingenuity and resilience to survive the often harsh conditions.

Things are a little easier today but it still takes a certain character to make a life so far from city conveniences where income relies on an unpredictable climate and where huge horizons remind us that nature rules.

The independent and inventive spirit, the quirky humour, the hospitality and many of the traditions are still very much alive here.

When you visit, you’ll soon become part of the pioneering spirit and, at Outback Pioneers, we’ve created experiences to help you step into the shoes of the pioneers who helped make Australia what it is today.