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Our new brand and what it means

For us outback folk, a brand has always been something you put on your cattle to show you own them! But perhaps our new Outback Pioneers brand for our holidays and experiences isn’t that far different.

It’s certainly something that marks our ownership and tells our visitors that we stand behind the experience. It says, ‘These cattle belong to our herd’.

For our holidays and experiences though, we don’t just want to show we own them, we want our brand mark to mean something deeper. We want it to tell you what you can expect and we want every single thing we do to keep our promise.

For the Kinnon family, Outback Pioneers is part of the bigger picture of our love of the outback and its heritage.

Behind the brand mark is our motivation to inspire and educate current and future generations to experience, value and preserve the real Australian outback.

To achieve that we want to create genuine pioneering experiences that help visitors feel our outback spirit and appreciate why we love our lives on the land. Then it’s not just about our pioneering spirit but about yours too.

If we can attract more visitors to the outback, we are helping support local economies and helping our outback towns survive. Part of doing that is to have a brand that domestic and overseas visitors can relate to – so we’ve moved from just our Kinnon name to something that helps put outback Queensland on the map as a travel destination with something unique to offer.

We hope that, in future, when tourists think of Queensland they won’t just think beaches, reef and rainforest but outback pioneering too!

We really hope you’ll enjoy delving deeper into our outback pioneering world and that you’ll unleash your own pioneering spirit!