Visit NOGO STATION to discover outback life at a real working station.
...where you'll meet local heroes past and present
...on the original Cobb & Co mail route

Come to Longreach and discover the best holidays, experiences and accommodation in outback Queensland.

Outback Pioneers invites you to live your own Pioneering Story

Step into the pioneering past and explore Australia’s iconic outback world with our award-winning holidays, experiences and accommodation. Be inspired by the timeless pioneering spirit, the living traditions and the magnitude of nature’s remote backdrop.

Here, your days and your dreams will be infused with the magic of outback dust and stories told around generations of camp-fires. Discover larger-than-life landscapes and characters, native wildlife and woolly yarns, river cruises and stagecoach journeys… You’ll see, hear, smell and taste a different reality as you embark on your unique outback adventure. The sky, the stars and the smiles stretch further here – and they’re waiting to share their secrets.

Voted Outback Queensland Visitors’ Choice for BEST EXPERIENCE 2019!

Things to do in Longreach and Winton

Our tour season is April–October. Book now to be sure of your chosen dates!

Welcome groups and tour operators

We have holiday itineraries or a full-day itinerary for groups of up to 57 people. Your group will live and breathe the real outback. They’ll be moved. They’ll be inspired. They’ll be entertained. They’ll laugh to the bottom of their boots!

Groups are hosted from arrival to departure with accommodation and most meals included. Be sure to book and plan well in advance as our space is limited.

A remote outback adventure in Queensland’s backyard

Longreach is two days’ drive (4WD not necessary) or two hours’ flight from Brisbane. The 1175 kilometres distance puts you in a totally different world where sheep outnumber people, cattle roam the vast stations and the outback bush is an ever-present and ever-changing wonder.

The historic towns of Longreach and Winton are rich with pioneer heritage and are vibrant outposts of civilisation supporting the continuing tradition of grazing properties and welcoming the visitors that pass through on their outback adventures.

Winter (April-October) is the favourite time for wanderers to head west and that’s when Outback Pioneers invites guests for holidays and experiences. Our accommodation is open year-round for those who brave all seasons.

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Uniquely Australian. Unforgettable. Winner of multiple awards.

Kinnon Family

Real people, authentic experiences!

The Kinnon family have lived the outback life of graziers for decades and own two cattle and sheep stations near Longreach.

They founded Outback Pioneers (which started in 2006 as Kinnon & Co) to help support their outback life and the community through times of drought. What was born of necessity became a passion for sharing the local heritage and lifestyle with visitors. It’s a passion that shines through all the experiences and has won them many major tourism awards. Beyond the joy of sharing their world with you, the Kinnon family hope they can inspire you to help preserve the Australian outback they love.